We’re experts at finding ways to save you money with lighting. From modern energy-efficient fixtures to virtually maintenance-free solutions, we can reduce your ongoing costs. Many of our solutions show immediate ROI – some of our projects have payback of less than one year. Want to know how much we can save you? Just complete this quick form and we’ll set up a time for an on-site assessment. We’ll calculate your project cost, rebates, energy savings, and estimated ROI.

Your Free Assessment Includes

  • Project Data, including number of lights, lamp watts, total fixture wattage, and annual kWh.

  • Infrastructure Improvement, including the reduction in amperage used by your business with the new solution.
  • Environmental Benefits, including amount of CO2, SO2, NOX, and Mercury removed from the environment and gallons of gas saved after your project installation.
  • CapEx costs including discounts earned from rebates and incentives.
  • Projected annual energy savings and maintenance savings.
  • Projected Cash Flow Benefit per year, including time to achieve ROI.

Free Assessment for Energy Upgrades and Incentives

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